Parent Care Packages

No one knows the NICU like a parent who’s been there, and the impact of a NICU experience is profoundly felt by families regardless of their length of hospitalization. Our We Care Packages facilitate personal connections between NICU families to validate their experiences, combat feelings of isolation, and build community around families in crisis.

Most parents can’t imagine they won’t be able to take their baby home soon after birth or that there may be obstacles to holding or caring for their newborn. NICU Families Northwest offers free care packages filled with snacks, hygiene items, a small journal, and notes of encouragement from other NICU parents. “We Care [because we’ve been there] Packages” send a message of hope, compassion, and solidarity to inpatient families and remind them that they’re not alone. Each box is assembled by a volunteer and includes a handwritten note from a graduate parent— providing an immediate, tangible connection to our community of NICU peers.