NICU Families NW
Deacon Charitable Foundation

NICU Families Northwest was proud to have been invited for the second year in a row to apply for grant funding from Deacon Charitable Foundation. Because a central tenet of NICU Families NW’s mission is that every story matters, we requested support for an exciting project to design and produce custom journals focused on the unique needs and experiences of NICU parents.

Providing NICU families with an expressive outlet encourages them to “download” their day. This reduces their cognitive load, allows them to verbalize fears to confront and overcome them, and creates a family keepsake of their baby’s first days, weeks, and months. This healthy habit is a simple but impactful way to improve resiliency, cope with mental health challenges, and reinforce the value of reflection. Given the environmental barriers to parent health in the NICU: poor nutrition, sleep deprivation, work-life imbalance, and more, it’s immensely helpful for parents to focus on the the milestones reached, obstacles overcome, and all they learn during their NICU stay. When we support parents and their healing process, we support families and their sweet superhero NICU babies by extension. It is our belief that given the right tools NICU families can emerge from the hospital resilient, compassionate, and better prepared to re-enter their communities. The goal of this project is to reduce the long-term impact of a NICU stay on parental health and well-being through regular journaling and record-keeping.

We are delighted to share that Deacon Charitable Foundation approved our grant proposal as-is, and will provide us with $2,000 to begin working on this project. Thank you Deacon Charitable Foundation- your donation will help NICU families find their voices and begin healing from their hospital experience.