NICU Families NW
Hike It Baby

We are thrilled to welcome local family health advocate and outdoor enthusiast Hike It Baby as an official NICU Families Northwest Community Partner. Hike It Baby (“HIB”)  is a community driven online platform and nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting families to one another and getting them outside, with a focus on children from birth to school age.

From the Hike It Baby website:

Hike it Baby started in July of 2013, when Founder Shanti Hodges invited a few other new families to join her for a hike. In the first few months these were casual hikes among friends. As the number of families participating grew, it became apparent that the desire to get outside was much more than Shanti expected. Through the help of an ever-increasing group of hosts and volunteers, Hike it Baby grew from a small group of parents to a large community of families. In 2016 Hike it Baby filed for non-profit status.

HIB Mt. Tabor 2017NICU Families Northwest has partnered informally with HIB in the past to lead group hikes on Mt. Tabor as well as Park and Play events specifically geared toward the Portland-area NICU community. Together, HIB and NFNW have been working to remove barriers for NICU families so that they might enjoy the outdoors with their babies and improve their overall family health through activity, physical fitness, and community-building.

We look forward to working with Hike It Baby to find creative and practical ways to encourage our NICU families to get out into the world to explore and enjoy nature.

For more information about Hike It Baby, please visit their website.