NICU Families NW
This Mother’s Day, NICU Families Northwest asked our amazing community of graduate moms to participate in a very special project to help support inpatient moms. We asked each mom to sit down and write a letter to her “NICU self,” offering words of inspiration and support, now that they’ve had some time and emotional distance from their NICU experience. It was our hope that this reflection; these words spoken with honesty and compassion, from women who have been in the NICU themselves— would go to straight to the heart. “Dear Mama” is a collage of these seven letters, assembled into a singular, inspiring narrative.

Our mission is based on the belief that peer-to-peer support is critical to helping NICU families cope with their experiences. Allowing parents to share their stories with each other creates meaningful connections that validate the trauma, grief, and complexity of a NICU stay.

We’ve witnessed such incredible strength, courage, and hope in these families, and wanted to share that energy and positivity with moms who are still struggling to process the NICU experience. If you know an inpatient NICU family in the Portland Metro or Vancouver, WA region that isn’t familiar with our organization, please email us. It would be our honor to extend our support to them and welcome them into our community.

donation to NICU Families Northwest helps us extend our reach, and sustains our programs and services for local moms and dads in need of support. Thank you for watching, and Happy Mother’s Day!