NICU Families NW

Our Community Partners

As part of our mission to offer social and emotional support for NICU families, we have partnered with other local non-profit organizations and businesses that provide services, products, or benefits that strengthen families. These partnerships add value to our organization by extending our network of support, sharing information to improve our operations and advance our mission, introducing our members to valuable local resources, and increasing our volunteer base. We are proud to partner with the following local champions for improved family health and community wellness.

To learn more about these great organizations and their missions, please visit their websites.

If you’re interested in becoming a NICU Families Northwest Community Partner, please use the Contact Us form to send us an inquiry.

Our Incredible Donors

Through generous in-kind donations we are able to offer delicious snacks, hand-crafted local products, and basic necessities to inpatient families. These items reinforce that there's a wider community of people and businesses that want to offer their support to families coping with their NICU experience. Inpatient families sincerely appreciate the care packages, special occasion gifts, and monthly hospital meals we provide, and we are grateful for these charitable contributions. In-kind donations allow us to stretch our funding dollars, and we are pleased to share the joy of serving NICU families and their amazing babies with the companies below.

If you’re interested in making an in-kind donation to NICU Families Northwest, please use the Contact Us form to send us information about the product(s) you’d like to donate.