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Our Hands-Free Pumping Mini Brochure

We've created a compact printed guide that has practical, easy to follow instructions to make frequent pumping more manageable for NICU moms.
These convenient guides are available to any hospital or organization and can be shipped.

Why Hands-Free?

Most NICU mothers are encouraged to begin pumping breastmilk for their newborns approximately every three hours in order to ensure their baby has the best nutrition possible. Interrupting daily activities and sleeping hours is a significant task and the stress of exclusively pumping, even for a short period of time can be exhausting.

Being hands-free when you pump for your baby offers many benefits whether you’re at the bedside, at home, or at work. Using both hands to massage your breasts can support improved milk production and reduce inflammation. Focusing your mind and hands on other tasks during long or repetitive pumping sessions can also help reduce stress in the NICU.

In order to help facilitate comfortable, convenient, hands-free pumping of breastmilk for newborn(s) in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, NICU Families Northwest created a pocket-sized brochure paired with four elastic bands.


hfpcoverOur Hands-Free Pumping Mini Brochures are available in 40 count quantities and can be purchased for hospital or other maternal support organizations. Each brochure measures 2.5″ x 4″ and includes a mini resealable bag containing four elastic hair bands.

  • $14.00 / 40 count mini brochures
  • Quantities of 400+ are eligible for a 10% discount
  • Shipping is by USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail and is not included in the brochure pricing
To purchase, please email
Your organization will receive an invoice and payment can be made by check, or Paypal transfer.