Our Peer-to-Peer Network

NICU Families Northwest has created a positive, informal environment online where parents feel comfortable sharing their feelings and find a receptive and appreciative audience to help celebrate milestones and achievements unique to NICU babies.

A child’s hospitalization can create complex emotions that negatively impact a parent’s perception of their identity and capability as a parent. Furthermore, competing schedules and demands of home, hospital, and work make finding time to make meaningful, supportive connections with peers a challenge for NICU parents.

Our network is available from any mobile device or computer any time, any where. Using a peer co-counseling model, our community promotes healing through sharing experiences. Our NICU families have a collective knowledge base that offers perspectives that can be hard to find amongst family and friends, and creates immediate opportunities for feedback and support. When hospitals refer parents to NICU Families Northwest, they act as a relay to this network and facilitate connections to a larger community of support that will be helpful long after discharge.