Parent-Baby Bonding

The Littlest Reader Project (TLRP) provides beautiful children’s books to NICU families free of charge to promote parent-baby bonding.

The Littlest Reader Project is designed to encourage families to bond from day one, and is especially helpful in creating opportunities for parents to connect with their baby when medical necessity prevents or postpones parent involvement in routine cares or kangaroo-care. The gift of a¬†book is a gentle suggestion that promotes foundational family literacy habits that can help with baby’s development long after discharge. When babies need additional rest to recover from the stress of surgery or even basic procedures such as IV placement, blood transfusions, vision or hearing tests, reading aloud allows parents to be present with their child and in a meaningful, compassionate way.

Establishing a parent practice of regular reading aloud to baby helps support early language development and creates time and space for family bonding. TLRP also increases access to books for low-income families in the NICU who may not be able to afford them otherwise.

Each book comes assembled with a commemorative book plate and a bookmark that describes The Littlest Reader Project. A short description of NICU Families Northwest, our contact information, and a list of project sponsors is also included.