NICU Families NW

Many NICU babies in the Pacific Northwest receive donor human breastmilk from Northwest Mothers Milk Bank as part of their inpatient nutritional program. Specifically in the case of very premature infants, extremely low birth weight babies, or when the mother’s health has been compromised, donated breastmilk can be life-saving.

We so deeply value the service NWMMB provides to our local mamas and babies that NICU Families Northwest established a Community Partnership with them in 2016. Together our two organizations have collaborated in an effort to raise awareness of the milk bank in our NICU community, and to provide tangible comfort to families during their NICU stay.

NWMMB Lip balmIn January Northwest Mothers Milk Bank generously donated a supply of lip balm to NICU Families Northwest. This in-kind donation guarantees we will have enough lip balm to include in as many as 1,500 We Care Packages for 2018. Each tube prominently features the NWMMB logo and website in order to increase awareness of the milk bank and the incredible work they do in our community, and to encourage families to consider donating their surplus milk when/if the time comes.

When donor human milk recipients later become donors themselves, they invest in supporting future NICU families and share an amazing gift whose value cannot be measured. Fostering a circle of giving between our two organizations strengthens and sustains our local NICU community as well as term babies in need of the nutritional building blocks for a healthy future.

We are proud to partner with Northwest Mothers Milk Bank and so appreciative of their donation.

Check out their video below, and if you pay attention you can spot our Founder, Anna David, talking about her experience as a milk recipient and donor.

Learn more about Northwest Mothers Milk Bank. You can donate milk, money, time, or join the Board of Directors. For more information, visit this link.